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i couldn't believe it. it just doesn't make sense. >> a murder mystery in the east bay. a woman is found dead in her home. now family and friends want answers. a hectic weekend in the bay area. the traffic problems and what we can expect tomorrow. a new day, new record for gas prices. when a drop in prices could be coming. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. friends and family spent the night remembering an east bay woman found dead in her home. she was found at 10:45 last night. our reporter spoke with the distraught family. >> she was murdered. inside the house. >> reporter: an emotional scene outside the hercules home where kelvin's wife of 34 years, susie, was found dead.
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police say the mother of four and former schoolteacher was murdered. >> i couldn't believe it. it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: kelvin first realized something was terribly wrong when his wife did not pick him up from the airport. >> i kept calling her many times, many times, 15, 20 times. she did not respond. i said something is wrong. >> reporter: he finally called a neighbor, who found susie dead in the house on ash court. >> she was lying in the house. there was the indication of traumatic injury. >> reporter: family members say it appears somebody came through a back sliding glass door that was unlocked. susie was attacked. her car stolen. a blue 2011 subaru outback. while police search for answers, friends and family members met for a candlelight vigil, remembering the woman who was one of the founders of the chinese association of hercules, a woman who loved garden, was happy, and lived in
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this house where she died more than 30 years. >> we're here to honor here. she was a great woman. >> reporter: you can see there's a board where the front door used to be. police took it as evidence. at this point, they have no leads and have made no arrests. in hercules, cbs 5. a car slammed into victims on south gate avenue around 9:00. a little girl died later at the hospital. she was at the church for saturday school. >> the kids were coming out, maybe 40, 50 kids in this building over here. >> a lot of traffic? >> not much in the way of traffic. just a bunch of kids coming out. >> the girl's mother and another woman are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the woman behind the wheel stayed at the scene at the crash. she has not been charged. east palo alto detectives are investigating two deadly
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shootings that happened just three blocks apart. police say 21-year-old christopher baker was found wounded in the 2100 block around 8:20 last night. three hours later, they found 20-year-old lonnie brown. both victims died at the scene. traffic didn't appear to be a major issue during this busy weekend in the bay area. a slew of big events in san francisco is bringing in an estimated one million people to the city by the bay. the play-off game will be here. the a's first play-off game in six years. >> in the case of both teams, the issue was pitching. not the bay area teams, but the opposing pitchers. and boy, the giants, all that buildup, seemably all the planets aligned. play-off opener. first of all, look at this, flashing a little leather here. but first, the long ball. away and gone.
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matt cain, roughed up. but brandon phillips, buster posey. the giants made it a 3-1 game. they were down 5-2. two on. and posey, well, you might say they stole this one. a final of 5-3. game 2 coming up tomorrow. as for the a's, they were in detroit. coco crisp, first leadoff. a's led 1-0, had the big momentum until justin verlander said, ah, just sit down. how about eleven strikeouts? a's batters struck out 14 times, although with a 3-1, they could have tied it off right here. brandon moss... it's cut in the deepest part of the park. a's lose that game. final of 3-1. game 2 will be at 9 a.m.
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come on back a little bit later on and we'll have expanded highlights, and from the locker room, a quiet one at that. well, those crowds today are expected to be even bigger tomorrow. the busiest weekend of the year is expected to bring more than a million visitors into san francisco. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin shows us so far, so good. >> reporter: the crowds filled north beach, capping flyovers and festivities at the waterfront. the blue angels thundered over while yachts sailed in america's cup races. they say they made no arrests and issued no citations. officers didn't even have to close marina boulevard to help with crowd control. >> we probably will see about the same amount of crowds. but it's been a very happy crowd, a lot of families, a lot of people there out of town, a lot of tourists. if the weather holds up, it should be another enjoyable
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day. >> reporter: the embarcadero remained the hot spot for gridlock most of the day. the right lane from washington to bay streets became offlimits to cars. it was reserved exclusively for bicycles and emergency vehicles. and we saw quite a few people on their bicycles. >> you haven't encountered any traffic anywhere? >> not at all. it was pretty good. i think everybody kind of stayed off the roads. >> reporter: in fact, so many people packed into san francisco ferry boats, up to 15,000 people, five times more than usual. muni reports a 20% jump in riders. so does bart. no major congestion on the bridges as projected. those who did drive left hours early. >> we got here about 9:00 this morning. and we did have to look around for a little bit. took us maybe five minutes to park. we parked over there and walked in. avoided all this mess behind
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us. >> reporter: some walked. others tooked taxis. >> we just left our car at the hotel and walked. and chased down a taxi. >> how are you going to get back? >> um, we're in the midst of figuring that out. >> reporter: tomorrow may be even busier. what's more, a niners game, street festivals, and the parade. bart says as of 9:00 tonight it's had more than 253,000 passengers. that's a 31% increase over normal. and the third highest ridership ever for a weekend. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. another part of this giant weekend, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. more than 800,000 people are expected to show up over the
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three days. this year's festival pays tribute to its late founder who passed away last december. well, obviously this is no ordinary weekend in san francisco. and those responsible for crowd control have been preparing for a full year. it is now go time for the department of emergency management. their representatives from the police departments, the red cross and public transit. >> there's no known threat against the city or any of the events this weekend, but those are things that, as public safety officials, we have to take that type of thing into account. >> they set up a mobile command unit to monitor radio traffic and news. a call center is also set up. and for all things fleet week, including up-to-the minute francisco, just go to our website, it was bound to happen. california gas prices have hit an all-time average high. a gallon of unled, regular gas,
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is now 12 cents from yesterday. some stations are even charging more than $5 a gallon. >> there's just -- it hurts a lot. i think every time we turn around, we're getting hit with something. >> that's quite a hike. it's not even a step by step. it's a big -- it makes a big difference. >> the previous record was 4.60, set back in 2008. experts say we should be close to the peak now and prices should start to fall as we head into next week. if you do want to save some cash, we're here to help. go to, enter your zip code to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. well, as if the week weren't busy enough, officers in riot gear break up a protest in the streets. five terror suspects
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expedited to the u.s. appear in court. i'll have that story, coming up. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. one. you get all the why shopawesome brand names. and marshalls?
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two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. san francisco caused a big s at sansome and california t. >> it's an anti-capitalism protest. >> a small group of protesters caused a big mess in california
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today. the group broke windows at a nearby starbucks. about 40 police officers in riot gear showed up and several people were arrested. meanwhile, a rally in downtown marked the 11th anniversary was uneventful. five terror suspects are behind bars in the u.s. tonight. they were expedited from the united kingdom overnight. the suspects appeared in court today on various terror charges, including the bombing of two u.s. embassies in 1998. >> reporter: radical islamic preacher abu hamza al-masri entered into plea as he stood in front of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt, revealing his amputated arms, usually covered by prosthetic hooks for hands. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. >> the camp would have trained al-qaeda sympathizers here in the united states and have them
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trained in explosive training and frankly soldier training. >> reporter: two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one of them is charged with terrorist conspiracy in connection with the embassy bombings in 1998 in tanzania. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> reporter: this is the second time an egyptian born islamic preacher was brought to this court to answer charges. a sheik was convicted here in 1995. but this case is the culmination of several years of trying to get abu hamza al- masri and the other four suspects expedited from the uk. richard reed, the infamous shoe bomber and september 11 conspirator zachariah were followers of him. the five terrorists were
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expedited to the u.s. under tight security. another launch into space, this time by the private california-based company space x. the dragon capsule will deliver a thousand pounds of supplies to the international space station. launch time is set for tomorrow at 5:30 at cape canaveral, florida. the capsule is expected to stay in orbit until october 28. then it will head back to earth with old equipment. no matter where you were in the bay area, it was glorious weather. it was beautiful everywhere. >> it certainly was. it was a gift, because we have a real tricky forecast with this little area of low pressure off the coast. temperature wise, we were into the 70's. tonight, still, 50's, 60's, everybody is out and about. north beach enjoying the evening with the clear skies. however, we will see clouds
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move in. first off, today 65 in pacifica. 74 in santa rosa. it was 68 in san francisco. currently 58 degrees. low 70's experienced all the way into palo alto. meanwhile, overnight, getting chilly. santa rosa, 45 degrees. get out that extra blanket. mid 50's in mountainview. this is very interesting. we have this area of low pressure. it's just been meandering off the coast there. notice the countercirculation of that area of low pressure. it's not going anywhere very quickly. but it moved a little bit closer to the coast and that's why it mixed up that marine layer today. but tomorrow, as it continues to inch its way towards the bay area, it's going to throw a few clouds that the forecast. we have a cooler day on top as well. this is interesting. futurecast paints the clouds developing in the overnight hours, still hanging very tight
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to the avenues. and ocean beach should not interview with that ceiling for the blue angels. rock and roll half marathon, 8:00 in the morning. san jose, in the upper 50's under partly to mostly cloudy skies. then we're talking football, 49er action, partly sunny, 65 degrees, as they play host to the bills. then we have the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, in the low 60's. you'll want to dress in layers there, because when the wind picks up during the afternoon hours, we'll get a bit on the chilly side. we will see that wind at the seashore, 60's coming around the peninsula. then we jump into the 70's into morgan hill at 74. it was 76 today in gilroy. east of the bay, in the mid 70's. the closer you get to the bay, into the 60's. north bay, up to 73. and sonoma, low 70's.
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and san francisco tumbles 8 degrees into that 60-degree range. that area of low pressure moves closer on monday. we do have a slight chance of a shower back in the forecast monday and tuesday. transition day on wednesday. then a little bit more seasonal on thursday through saturday with the dry skies and back that the upper 70's. in fact, typically this time of year, we should be into that 80- degree range in our inland areas. today the highest we got was about 76 in gilroy. this time last week we were in the triple digits. keeps you busy. it's a fantastic problem for the oakland a's to have. available seats just can't match the demand for play-off tickets. fans are starting an online petition to have the tarps removed from the third level. it really would make a difference. open up the third level and you could sell about 20,000 more tickets. the a's will host the detroit
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tigers. we need the a's to win! the tarps are gonna stay for game 3 on tuesday. i have one more time tonight, and we'll go ahead and put this one to bed. it got interesting at times. the mvp candidate buster posey giving you hope. back with the story. ,,,,
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injury to it's ace affect . ...just had a swagger all baseball. giants off balance. reds didn't let an injury to their ace to affect them. they just had a swagger all
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night. almost 44,000 saw matt cain take the ball tonight. that is brandon, going over the rails to make the catch. that a boy! johnny left the game with back spasms. only lasted a third of the inning. but the giants still could not take advantage of it. third inning. cain serves up one to brandon phillips. that is the first earned run of cain's postseason career. it was 2-0. a nightmare on the giants. buster posey got him in the sixth. his home run cut it 3-1. giants hit the ball. but right at is the reds' infielders. there's pablo. he looks at strike 3. two outs.
11:23 pm
and strike three to end the game. 5-2, the final. game 2 tomorrow. but first, to the locker room. >> bruce wasn't too terrible. but the hanging breaking ball to phillips, it was something that, you know, you don't want to happen definitely in a big game situation like this. you know, the hanging breaking balls, these guys, they always hurt a little bit more. >> they made some plays and got some breaks. you know, so it's game 1. we're gonna have to learn from it and move forward tomorrow. >> you know what? i made some bad pitch, put these guys in the whole. that's my fault. all right. now, the a's don't have too much time to react from today. the game 2 is at 9 a.m. on sunday, in detroit. here's game 1. first batter of the game is coco crisp. and this is the leadoff
11:24 pm
postseason home run, first one since ricky anderson in 1989. it was 1-0. jarrod parker. the hiccup there at first. it got worse. alex avila, taking parker deep away and gone to make it 3-1. parker allowed three runs, two earned, and then justin verlander did his imaginer. struck out eleven oakland a's. look at this one. pat neshek lost his son earlier in the week. right after birth. he came in and still got two outs. that was a bummer. brandon, hitting it to the deepest part of the park. the a's lose this one. final, 3-1. >> i think every game has the feeling of a must-
11:25 pm
win game. especially the home runs, you wanna win. we were able to take this one. hopefully we'll win tomorrow an we've just gotta win one in oakland, which is a tough place to play. obviously it's going to be pretty ruckus there. all right. still ahead, cal football pulls off a shocker! and four quarters wasn't enough to finish up arizona and stanford. ,,,,,,
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all right. college football. three of the top five in the ap lost. and no. 25, ucla, bet they didn't see this coming. in berkeley, up 10-7. zach, eight yards out. they led 16-7 going into the break. next up, this time to brendan. gonna be a big day for zach. he's just gotta play better, make the decisions. here he is hooking up with his kid half brother, kenan. 25-of-30, 295 and four touchdowns as cal wins this one. stanford-arizona, under a minute left. that one would tie the game to
11:29 pm
send it into overtime. once stanford got the football, they sent everybody home happy. stanford wins it 54-48 in a shoot-out in the pac 12. don't forget tomorrow. bills-49ers, right here on cbs 5 at 1:00. thanks. we'll be right back. ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es comes with a story still untold. ♪
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electricity passing througha body. it's a stunt we typically
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see in the movies. bolts of electricity passing through a body. but fiction turns to reality. he stood in the middle of a million volts of electric currents and for three days and nights he did this with no sleep and no food. all right. another beautiful day in store for us here in the bay area. fleet week continues. and if you're out there and you see a red plane, roberta has firsthand knowledge of that. >> we have mike. he travels with the blue angels and he flies this plane right here. he travels all across the world performing with them. and this plane, he took me up for some maneuvers, ten different maneuvers, for about an hour yesterday. yep, that was me in that plane,
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upside down. and again, because i didn't get enough the first time. >> i don't mean to get disgusting, but did you get sick? >> no, i didn't. but that doesn't mean i felt really well. i just, out of a sense of pride, didn't have to use the bag. but it was a lot of twisting and turning. >> was it like being in a video game? >> it was worse. the hardest one is the hammerhead. they go straight up and stall. >> that's wrong. that's wrong. all right. well, beautiful weekend in store. lots of sports. see you tomorrow. good night! vo: for years, sac politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach.
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prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.

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